Polish Tourist Organization Certificate is as a prestigious award in a competition of unique tourist attractions in Poland. This prize is awarded to the most innovative and tourist-friendly places, objects, events and enterprises, realized on the regional and local level. It is a guarantee of a high quality leisure and a great offer ensuring fun and unforgettable experiences all year round. The tourists can penetrate the secrets of nature and enjoy the richness of Polish culture in various types of sceneries located across the country: in the mountains, by the sea, in the lakeside area, among the mysterious relics of the past, in picturesque towns and villages as well as in modern cities.

Every year since 2003, the Certificates have been awarded through a competition. The award is given by a jury formed of tourism experts. Apart from the annual awards for the best tourism product, the participants can also obtain (since 2008) an extra prize – Golden Certificate in recognition of their exceptional promotional activities. So far the Golden Certificate was awarded to: Industrial Monuments Route, Augustow Canal – the Papal Trail, Manufaktura in Lodz, Woodstock Festival, Trail of the Eagles' Nests, Wooden Architecture Trail in Małopolska and Jurassic Park in Krasiejów. In 2015 the Golden Certificate was awarded to the Gold Mine and Medieval Technological Park Złoty Stok.

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