You haven’t seen anything like this before! In Silesia voivodship you can stand face to face with the most interesting monuments of technology. In summertime, many places here open their doors wide to invite you to visit mines, factories, breweries, workers’ housing estates, narrow-gauge railways, headframes or water navigation locks. The Indsustriada is the only festival in Poland with industrial heritage. It is organized on a grand scale; 44 industrial facilities in 27 localities in Upper Silesia are available for sightseeing. And there is more: the whole festival is also accompanied by as many as 400 events. You don’t want to miss concerts, cultural events for children and adults, theatrical plays, excursions, contests, creative workshops and special sightseeing programs. Each edition of the Industriada is defined by a different motive; last year theme was all about industrial legends. Would you like to find out what will be in the center of attention of organizers of this year festival? Come to Upper Silesia in June and discover the industrial world by yourself.


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