The Industrial Monuments Route

The Industrial Monuments Route is a thematic, tourist car route, connecting the most important and the most interesting historical and architectural sites related to the industrial heritage of the Silesian region. Currently, it is composed of 36 objects connected with mining and metallurgic tradition, power industry, railway engineering, communication, water production and food industry. The route invites visitors to travel through time and guarantees great adventure and unforgettable experiences. While sightseeing in the underground world of mines, tunnels, breweries, engine- houses, forges and factories, the tourists can see various “pearls” of technology. Only on this route the visitors can feel the coolness of the underground, see a range of unique industrial spaces, hear the hum of steam engines and enjoy freshly brewed beer.

Industriada - the feast of the Industrial Monuments Route of the Silesian Province is a one-day festival held once a year in June, in the industrial sites located within the region. This is an exceptional day when “technology attracts people” and industrial spaces are filled with diverse events including spectacles, artistic performances, exhibitions, happenings, shows, competitions and creative workshops.


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