Woodstock Festival

One of the most recognizable festivals in Poland held annually at the turn of July and August in Kostrzyn on the Oder River. The event is organized by the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation. The Orchestra’s conductor, the mastermind of the foundation and the front man of the festival is charismatic Jerzy Owsiak. The idea of Woodstock Festivals is faithfulness to the slogans “Love, Friendship, Music”, Stop to Violence, Stop to Drugs. This is the expression of gratitude for the Volunteers and donors of Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity who, during its final events in January, collect money for the Foundation and support it financially.

During every Woodstock Festival a few dozen music bands from Poland and the world perform on its stages, including world-format stars. Currently, an important element of the festival is the Academy of Superb Arts (ASP) as well as actions which are conducted in its vicinity (various types of art, music, handicraft and other workshops ).

Every year the festival attracts hundreds of thousands of participants. Many of them come to Kostrzyn in special trains and buses. The area of the festival is divided into specific sectors such as: campsite, sanitary facilities and catering zone. There is also a special radio broadcasting system used to inform the fans about the concerts (always 30 minutes before their start) and to solve problems such as lost/found property.


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